-in the name of Allah-

the comprehensive update

so among the notable events of the past few days, i went to DE to visit my bro's family and meet my littlest nephew Abdullah; the question is posed: when are babies not cute? seems to be impossible in my limited experience; alhamdulillah i havent had the chance to bear witness to such a thing (lol). as it should be. on another note, the second day of spring break proves as minutely fruitful as the last. as it can be expected i guess. lately, though, poetic thoughts have begun a come back, challenging my contemporary thinking processes: is expression unexpressed worthy of stagnating in the mind and not seeing light of day? i think it'll see.

(composing slowly, coming soon)


-in the name of Allah-

Alhamdulillah, it seems my physical health is back to normal with nothing at a loss. But, to get straight to the point, answers to someone's questions:

1) yes, that was me
2) sorry for not picking up the celly, was somewhat pensive and didnt hear it ring/vibrate
3) at times i drive along those areas for some reason or other, but moreso perhaps because i view it as a place i once knew

i doubt two missed (private) phone calls ever could've been at a better time. will probably update more comprehensively soon though.


-in the name of Allah-

May Allah grant me relief from my affliction, ameen.

Tis the season to be sick