- in the name of Allah -

Here yet again, for reasons not entirely of my own devising. Someone I used to know raised an issue I found quite surprising, and eventually, I have decided to give in to their request. What it is, doesn't really matter, except that if we are careful of how we say what we want to say, then the path to jannah becomes quite a bit easier. On that note, I find an incongruity, or so it may appear, between what is deemed appropriate in relations between two people of the opposite sex. Of course, Islam is our guiding stick and there are mandates implicit and explicit to the effect that men and women without blood relation to one another should limit contact only to what is beneficial. Of the two notions needing clarity, one is "contact" and two is "beneficial". People who prefer more literal and strict interpretation, favor negation of any and all outlets, no matter the recourse, as far as is humanly possible. An outlet here is defined as electronic communication, without the notion or the potentially potential of physical interaction. Those who favor strict and literal viewpoints, assert that any and all roads to the haraam are to be closed, and since this electronic communication constitutes one of those roads, it should be refrained from. Those who would prefer more interpretive and metaphorical interpretation agree with others in that were a physical dimension involved, all of the previous assertions regarding restriction of contact should be held in place, but in the case of electronic communication, there is a vague barrier that prevents one from definitively assigning a value of good or bad. The assumption they hold is that understanding and clarity can pass through the medium of electronic communication, without having strings of possiblity attach in ways that may lead to haraam. My own personal opinion is that what is "beneficial" can be found in this gray area. It is true that the human soul continuously, often undetectably, reaches out in all the ways of its own passion and predilection, but how does one come to terms with the self, with the nafs? The only ones who can truly understand and control these impulses are those who are one hundred percent honest with themselves and with Allah. There is no variability when it comes to intention in this issue. People with even possible ulterior motives will not find what they are looking for. So what is the solution if two people find themselves on the opposite sides of the fence on this issue? How can it be resolved?

Looking to the sunnah, the easiest and probably most preferential choice would be to seek middle ground, for it is rare that precisely what one wants can be found only on one end of the spectrum. In this spectrum, there is type and form of communicating. Or so I would think. I hesitate to write my understanding of the middle ground, as I may tend to be biased towards my end. Could it be there is no middle ground here, that the solution can only be either a whole 'yes' or whole 'no'?

To this answer I am not knowledgable enough. However, not having its answer is not a cause for me to not exist, so I will continue to exist, perhaps persisting in it as well. My return apology goes out to the one who sought redress for wrongs inflicted. In any case, communication is always a two-way street.


- in the name of Allah -

so a few weeks have gone by since my last post. what's changed? what new epiphanies have been brought into the world of existence from the world of the unseen? essentially none. the world is still a trying place to live in, there's still a glaring void present in a place most people could never fill, and maybe most precarious- there are still reasons missing and reasons needing to be found. another realization has dawned, sort of, that whatever was known beforehand has got to be something let go. knowing and re-friending the past isn't an option, as the differences between now and then imagine themselves to be enormous and unfillable. of course the truth is less pressing, maybe more pressing from some perspective, but largely, life almost never is as bad as it's claimed or felt to be. so where does the present tread forward? with whom and how? familial bonds take the fore front, as their madness is slightly more tolerable and acceptable than the madness of those who would appear to care less. there are no grudges, except a few that are probably humanly impossible to let go of. nonetheless, it all continues onward to a pre-appointed time, reminding everyone that expectations might only be for the foolhardy.


- in the name of Allah -

I looked down at the depths and they weren't as dark, salvation was eminent, just not from the start. The moon shone a bit of saranity, cloaked in advice that couldn't have been firmer grounded in reality. It could be that the time approaches where I attain that cliff of self actualizing, a ever broader and brighter white haze across a setting horizon. What's left to do but say goodbye to the me of yesteryear, for though I am what he became, tomorrow I will have left him there. But who to take along and who else to leave behind?, tenuous questions as they answer only to time.