- in the name of Allah -

Human evolution takes so long sometimes. We emerge from our first cocoons susceptible to everything until we become perceptive to nothing. Then, we learn to wander the hills and valleys, looking for a mate and so settle on the nearest branch. More young are born, the elders pass away, and so the least knowledgeable become the inheritors of the earth.

We were supposed to have learned from the "barbarism" of past ages, from the "ignorance" of the past, and forge a better future. But the only thing that has changed are the chains that bind us, whether to material comfort or logically-challenged belief. Will this life be an eternal bind for as long as we live it? Will never the shroud lift from our eyes so that we may see past the shadows cast by our own egos, the suspicions formed in our own insecurities? Sometimes, I am a prisoner to more than just my own fancy, I am a prisoner to a 'system', a 'system' not bound by society or projected morality, but a 'system' that is carried in the very genes of the human construct. Our passion for life, our vivacity, our need to be more than what we are and reach beyond what is in our arm's grasp, our hope that wings of wax will sustain us until we reach the highest heaven..is perhaps the greatest burden humanity will ever bear. I want, yet I do not need, moreover I am not yet wholly capable, but still the insistence presses forward, towards a blissful cliff or a painstaking wall only the road ahead will tell..