- in the name of Allah -

Imagine that, the first post of the month coming with just about a week left. Interesting, that is.

just a little bit of riddle, just a little bit of prison, the flesh is bound to earth even when there's nothing in and of itself to keep hold from within, while the soul wanders from acre to acre clamoring for peace but finding only trees in hurricane winds. there are so few shelters, few people or places worth needing, the decay from greed seeping into grounds poisoning wells of lineage to make it all digestible seeming. to recoil and retract while blessings rain down on this desert of frowns, a luck only I seem to sully being unable to re-phrase the mundane into something supernaturally intriguing. the divide only gets more markedly defined, disconnects at the quantum level, pulls and pushes become ineffective means that only serve to further reasons for rebuttal. holding on to ropes used to be a specialty, but now it's feared that rope is fate, twisted and curled, a grave invitation to a mirage of serenity..