- in the name of Allah -

 Ya Rabb, Oh Fashioner of the heavens, Oh Everlasting, Oh Originator of all:

Make her the yang to my yin, the sound to my silence, the joy to my solemnity. When the sky seems not as bright, make her the light whereby it shines to me again. As I pass through all my catharsis, as I stumble and trip and set right again, let her scent uplift my spirits. Though my misconceptions are many, my sins as subtle as crystal glass, forgive me through her, though a prayer's wing is yet all I have. 



- in the name of Allah -

finally free at last in this cage, without a place to walk on stage. so many actors, all looking to find their parts, only they themselves get played. so many apparent treasures lying in wait, theory being to grasp the day while its there to take, in its essence a sound plan but life carries too many a feint to follow the simple lure of an opened gate. where does it lead, what paths does it make evident, when complications abound and desire itself becomes a demon sentient? in my very soul the only will I can stand is my own, not to exclude my Rabb but rather to state that whatever I do is mine in whole, no parts stolen by lesser pieces intent on making their own madness reign over my sky, even though I'm the one whose name is on this body's leases. the wall must stand, the fort must hold, as long as breath remains, so goes the struggle of the sane.