- in the name of Allah -

Oh pain, don't leave me ever, stay within my thoughts, 
that I might taste forever, the price for her I should've fought. 

Oh pain, let me hear your echoes, drowning out the sorrow,
when life traps me within its throes, blinding me from tomorrow.

Oh pain, speak to me your timeless whisper, making warm
what once could only wither, though long since passed my dawn.

Oh pain, be for me ever bitter sweet, turning into limes
all life's lemons and seeds, to make an -ade at last worthwhile.


how many doors in life must I let close, before I recall the one I left shuttered whole? how many days must I live within this rain, falling freely without a care to give me weight and so a place to call home? let me be foolish, let me walk down memory lane, to not care for crossing signs, and as I get hit, so I remember to look both ways.


- in the name of Allah -

As someone once recommended to me years ago, finally started watching 'LOST' yesterday. Three eps in and I can confirm what I was told, "you will not be disappointed". It's looking like an epic, always nice to come across those.

Makes me think I should've been smarter and listened to this person's other advice more often back then. If nothing else, for now, the pain is there to keep company, to remind me of what I lost (the irony builds, then climaxes, drums roll). Sometimes tears let out this pain welled up inside, other times the tears just mimic the rain after a stormy day (the kind of thunder this person would've liked). 

Maybe fitting, to end on this note: