- in the name of Allah -

Troubled times pervade troubled minds, souls out of twine seeking restlessly a newer place of repose and recline. An endless circle of drudgery, compounded by idiocy and served loads of insanity, a cycle oft repeated but sadly a lesson never learned, a reminder never internally seated. Oh, what the hell is with these trivialities, these paradoxical unions? They lend each other only further misery...dreams held hand in hand with grounded and base ambitions seeking power and glory...where ends the stretch of meaningless bends and turns? Balance remains for the ideally minded, a species of insects only crushed as time's footprint is the only by-gone standard. So begs the implication, to seek in anything or nothing or perhaps everything the comfort and solace that this world can never bring? Where lies the end in he who seeks not war but is thrust in battle, his soul at wit's end, but at last being the only combatant in sight being torn to shreds and reborn a thing unknown and inevitably hailed as heretic and disowned? I am not lost, I am confounded, the world is made of bricks easily built but easily grounded, so consequently my imaginings of fortitude brought forth in solitude never reach the ever wandering multitude. Nomad, the title never wavers, searching and searching eternally, but only finding crooks and capers. Look past the external, see the in-division, that one is one, matter is whimsical, but what is with these humans who sell their lives to meaningless drives? They become only dribble yet imagine themselves kings and rulers over lands and people incalculable. It's a mirage, intended to fool, intended to hamper, intended to fill with air and send truth to scamper. Refuge and sanctuary, these words seem impossible in this darkened light where only rays filtered by small minds and smaller hearts break apart potential with 'words of wisdom' shrouded in conflict immemorial.