- in the name of Allah -

for the petal that got away

Years past since things have happened, what's changed?
I'm still wandering, aimless at times, with ambition chained.

I reached, I hoped, I desired, but it all fell flat,
For I was young, ignorant, knowing not this from that.

All I had was a singular vision, a name on the horizon,
One I thought peerless, a perfect complement to my amalgam.

Before then I had longed, and since then as well,
But nothing would compare, as much as I could tell.

What dreams have you dreamed, what sadness have you endured,
Where I couldn't give breath to your wings, washing your gleam till it was pure?

As I had wished back then, your life has moved along,
Holding back at last no happiness, making right all its wrong.

We're all only human, living out our fleeting lives,
But still, for failing my heart back then, I can but apologize.