- in the name of Allah - 

In the grand scheme of things, my place is actually quite small. What a great relief! As goes my place, so are my personal concerns few and clear. In great contrast to the giant storm this world won't stop leading itself into, a perspective that finds me grateful to my Rabb that I can still see after all this time, after all my contradictions. Even when one's own grand purpose isn't clear, meaning and value and worth can still be found in the most mundane of relationships and connections. These are the most precious aspects of life, the ties that connect our descent into this existence with the path that leads us out of it. 

Why have I adopted 'Rain'? It is something I have always loved, found quietude and solace in. Maybe in my present evolution, it represents my state most accurately without any standard deviations. My past hasn't changed, what I lost then has not been regained. But I have concluded that, in keeping with 'me', I must allow the love from my past to persist onwards. I won't let it fade into ether, a consequence of choices and the paths this world carves into us. Nope, that love will remain mine for as long as I live, perhaps finding the yang to its yin in a more beloved incarnation. Dreams are nice as well, the bedrock of our soul and cornerstones of the heart. Alas though, it's possible to become lost within a dream, potentially fated to never discern real from illusion ever again. I can't have that, not if I can help it. Who could I be if I wasn't always trying to find the truth?