- in the name of Allah -

Melancholy Mine

some days, even when the skies are clear or barely clouded, my soul finds a moment to wander, to have from all possibilities finally itself unshrouded. this revelation, though without words and with minute hesitation, speaks as soundless rain for this time I have no umbrellation. ironically indeed, I myself am not in on its secret, why it finds wax in wanes, while shuttered remain all the doors and window frames. for a time beyond my counting, I have stopped seeking the purest of enjoyments, of pleasure as a purpose, to know past what eyes behold, to be able to find in people some meaning and solace. I cannot say I belong in those schools or universities, in those masajid or synagogues, in those town halls where all the working class crowd in thrall. society's lessons, those which I wanted no longer to learn, echo back to me, as part I am yet still physical-bound, so to breathe therefore must I try to earn. what a change of scenery, of place, to seek sustenance for seeking's sake; though nothing I've ever became, measured all in ether it was, ever came faster than a glacial's pace. and so this evolution too shall continue on its evolving, to find a moment's meteor, without the rain, a comet departing my old constellation.