- in the name of Allah -

Hear me, O beloved pieces of my heart, the happiness you wished for me wasn't where we thought it would be found, not in any mortal's hands, all along it was with Allah, in submitting to Him, seeking Him at journey's end and its start. I beg of you: look towards your Rabb for each and every need, make Him your lasting Friend and Comforter, releasing into His care all your pains and pleas. Our journey here is so short, value here so fleeting, let us keep our eyes upon those highest plains of Paradise; worry not your that your deeds may not suffice, for I know neither will mine, but rather all my hopes and aims, I've packaged to Allah and leave it to Him to make sublime. For the love of all that is good and true, hold dearly to Allah's Rope, His Words, fear His anger, crave His mercy, know your weaknesses and use them as seeds for humility in prostration to Him, there will never be a greater gift He gives than His guidance, for it leads to all His blessings, a mercy enveloping His slave, to lift us out of darknesses towards His light.

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