- in the name of Allah -

Dreams are like chandeliers, they need light to shine at them so their true brilliance can show. A chandelier in the dark reflects nor amplifies nothing, just gathers dust. But once it has light coming in, it scatters the rays in various directions, brightening not just the initial trajectory but anything else nearby as well. In a house built on stable foundations, with the right support and design, the chandelier adds to the overall sense of beauty and purpose. Conversely, adding a chandelier to a dilapidated building only serves to accentuate what its surroundings lack, in contrast making the rundown condition stand out further. Similar is the state of the human being's soul, whether it is neglected and falls into spiritual disrepair, or its nutrition and upkeep is maintained so that the chandelier and other vital parts of the framework stay intact. Time and life and lesser impulses always try to chip away at the paint, to make dents and imperfections in what's being attempted. These will happen. But I'm finding the key is to patch up those flaws at their outset, not give them time to fester and become something worse. 

And who better to know how to fix these things, than the one who made them in the first place? - Allah. 


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