- in the name of Allah -

Palatial Intents
2/26 - 3/2

With the moon on my right, and the sun on my left,
Tomorrow is the canvas, beholding a time for the soul to rest.

For the moon, a palace of ivory and gold, nestled amidst clouds, reaching high beyond the known;
Bedecked by rubies and reds, adorning the stairs and lining the curtains of beds,
Tiles and walls, interlacing patterns of shades alternating while seeming random,
What a marvel, this abode, to be for the one who made their heart a home. 

For the sun, a palace of lapis and pearl, surrounded by gardens lush, echoing sounds of trust;
Emblazoned in sapphires and blues, gracing the sofas and paintings of hallways with due, 
Carpets and ceilings, amplifying the light from just portions of places to everywhere reaching,
Such a glorious estate, for the one who met not once but twice with fate.

May Allah carry these inklings from the very bottom of their well, 
Upward to unimaginable heights, so they may dry and become:
The very tip of the heavenly iceberg, in Firdaus itself. 


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