- in the name of Allah -

not enough expressions in the language, not enough seconds in the minute I'm given, to truly tell how far go the blessings, from past to future to present, it's just gift after gift laden by meaning transcendent, every pain from yesterday wrapped into purpose, seeking Allah's presence and mercy like arrows in slow-motion loosed, He showed me love so I might lose it, taste the loss so I knew what to chase in the best of places (Firdaus) at whatever the cost, He made my inner nature gravitate to ideals to see how the world would crash them and burn in ashes, that I might become the phoenix and soar to His Heaven with all His wind at my back, He let me be with my parents in old age and reverting in nature, that I might have another chance at His pleasure by giving them their kindness earned without reserve or measure, He let me wander through darknesses while never buried completely, so I would treasure His light when He brought me through them to see, He gave me every thing I've ever had, made me every thing I'll ever be, so I might show for His gifts gratitude and gladness, a road through every hardship and angst, to find myself with Him for ever in eternity complete.

For Allah, because it seems I (can) never write enough about Him. 

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