- in the name of Allah -

sometimes the wanderer forgets he's a ghost, starts thinking like a humanoid with typical faults and drives like most. then the reminder hits, like a jolt of supernatural electricity coursing through ethereal veins, what's sought not at all the same as what reality is. one supposes he forgot the moment he steps in that pool of emotion once more, he'll let it swallow him again so he can find out what's in store, whether light really peers so far through. 

God, it must be so hard for him to see, trying to think like a normal human being, when his own essence phases in and out of matter as he tries seeking its inner truths while conversation only hampers. what a state for one so out of place, strung into pieces while life around lives and breathes its own musings and meanings. so thus, the wanderer keeps to his dream, tending its crops like a farmer with only his hands to make them into permanence gleam, hopefully reminded of his Rabb regardless how dark the horizon might seem. 


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